Upon joining IEMA, students are asked to commit to the full academic year (Fall and Spring Semester). Mastery and refinement of music comes only through regular practice by all musicians. Furthermore, the chorus’s sound depends on a solid group with enough voices to cover all choral parts. In Choir, for example, most pieces are sung in three or four parts. If choristers drop out during the year, the quality of the whole choir is negatively impacted.

Class Attendance

Punctuality: Please make every effort to be on time. Classes will start on time and you may miss out on instruction time. If a student will be late to a class or must leave a class prior to its scheduled dismissal time, the student or a parent must notify a coordinator/teacher as far in advance as possible. Students and parents, please bear in mind that late arrivals and early departures are noted on sign-in sheets and documented in attendance records. Leaving a rehearsal early or arriving late may count as 1/2 of an absence.



We have a class absent policy, 2 missed classes per semester are allowed. Please plan your field trips for a different time. More than two missed classes may jeopardize your students ability to participate in performances. 

Policy

  • The sign-in sheets at classes are the basis for IEMA’s attendance records, so it is essential that each student (or parent) personally sign in at every class. A student may not receive credit for attendance at a class for which they did not sign in. Students must not ask or allow other students to sign in for them. Students 5th grade and above can sign themselves in.

    • In case of an emergency, the class list will verify the class attendance for the day. In case of fire, classes will be evacuated to the west parking lot behind the C building.

Concert Black Attire

Review the program dress code for class time with your student. Sent out in registration confirmation email. 

IEMA Concert Black Attire

Winter and Spring Concerts are considered semi-formal. For other performances that are more casual,

additional information will be given at the beginning of the semester.



Black dress pants, black shoes & socks, white collar button up shirt (long sleeve) and black slim-tie or black bow tie.

Don’ts: no vest or suit jackets, no colored shirts, no polo shirts, no clip on ties


All black dress, short, 3/4 length or long sleeve modest top, (knee length or longer) or black dress pants with white collard blouse, flesh colored tights, black closed-toe shoes. Hair half-up or in bun, natural make-up.

Don’ts: No sleeve cut outs at shoulder, no sleeveless tops, no pattern on dress, no boots, no heals higher than 1 inch.

Makeup: Should be worn natural with no dark eye shadow.


Safety: High heels can cause a safety issue when standing on the risers and walking up and down stairs.

Heels should not be higher than 1 in. No Wedges or boots. 

CBU Symphonic Band Participants


  • Black Tuxedo look - black suit, black dress shoes and black socks (no sneakers)  with white dress shirt and black bow tie.


  • Black slacks with black top or blouse with sleeves (no tank top or camisole, see-through shirts must be worn with an undershirt, no bandeau’s)

  • Black dress, mid-calf or floor-length black dress with short, 3/4 or long length sleeves (no sleeveless dresses)

  • Black, plain nylons

  • Black dress shoes (closed toe and heel, flat or low heel, no sandals) 

  • Minimal jewelry and hair accessories.

  • Natural Make-up

Young Musician Program Concert Attire

For Honor String Orchestra and Encore Honor Choir

(Black on Black Concert attire)


Black dress pants, black long-sleeve button up dress shirt, with black slim tie. Black dress shoes and black dress socks (no sneakers).



Black dress with sleeves or black skirt with black blouse with sleeves. Flesh or black panty-hose with black dress shoes flats or 1” heels (No high heels). Hair should be worn naturally, not too curly and out of face with minimal hair pins. Make-up should be natural looking. No red lipstick. 

Parent Volunteer Participation

IEMA families’ participation in IEMA and Partner Program activities is vital and considered an integral part of joining Inland Empire Musical Arts. Each family is expected to participate for a minimum of two-hour service upon request each season.


Please read the following job descriptions and choose what you would most enjoy and that would fit your time schedule. Indicate your choice(s) on the registration form.  Parents may opt-out of volunteering every-other year or when all the jobs are filled, the volunteer opt-out fee is $40.


Charter School Students

Charter Students must register before setting up any POs. There is a $20 annual Charter Student Registration fee per student. Charter Registration fee is separate from class fees and cannot be paid on a PO

Not following proper enrollment procedures may forfeit your students ability to join the program. We also encourage families to use their funds for only part of the class expenses after the first semester. We don't want the program devalued since no monies are coming from the family. We also do not want this program dependent upon charter funds. Therefore if a certain class is too dependent on charter funds, no more funds would be accepted towards that class. Students can still register but pay out-of-pocket. 


Families are asked to read and sign the Charter Family Agreement at the first day of class. ​


  • All Charter Schools, except Sky Mountain and Compass, should create monthly POs. Sky Mountain and Compass students should submit a Semester PO.

  • Family agrees to pay their bill regardless of their charter school status and if the charter school will not honor the incurred expense.

  • Family agrees to show proof of funds available by creating a PO/certificate with their charter school coordinator and emailing proof by the first week of class.

  • Family understands that they will not be allowed to re-enroll if they have a balance unpaid by their charter school or unpaid by the family.

  • If a family decides to drop a class, you will be billed at a private lesson rate of $25 per attended class. Dropping of a class should not alter the PO. Classes are paid for by semester, whether you complete it or not. Not paying the PO will also jeopardize your future participation in this program. Dropping a class mid-term may affect your child's ability to re-enroll in the program.   

  • If a family changes charter schools after the first week of class, any early registration class rate is void. New PO must be for the regular class rate. 

  • Families understand that IEMA can at any time decide not to be a charter school vendor, families will be notified ahead of time.

Teaching Opportunities

Currently interviewing for the 2019 - 2020 Music Season

Percussion Ensemble - elementary level

2020 - 2021 Music Season


Fall Semester Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday  / Thursday

Spring Semester Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday Classes




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