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RCM Online Ear Training

IEMA is partnering with The Royal Conservatory of Music to offer students a wonderful online Ear Training Course. Ear training and the ability to sight read music are essential aspects in forming a well-rounded music foundation. The RCM Online Ear Training will help you improve your practical ear training skills.

Ear training and the ability to sight read music are essential aspects of well-rounded musicianship. These skills form the foundation for how we hear, play, or sing music.

The online tool includes activities with feedback and hints to help you succeed in developing your aural skills. It also includes acoustic musical examples for a high-quality listening experience and an onscreen keyboard for additional support.

Now you can practice your ear training through an engaging, interactive, multimedia approach anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection.

All levels of the RCM Online Ear Training tool (Preparatory A and B to Level 10) are available through a monthly subscription.


  • Over 5000 ear training exercises

  • High-quality audio recorded on an acoustic piano

  • Helpful hints and tips help you succeed

  • An interactive keyboard helps you visualize

  • Record your playing and rate yourself out of four stars

Prerequisite: No previous experience is needed. 

Self-paced  /  Online / $20 for 5 Months


Add on when registering for classes for only $15 for 5 months!  

Instructor: Royal Conservatory of Music