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Percussion Ensemble


The Battery will explore traditional drum cadences and perform various drumline pieces. Goals of the drumline program will be to develop strong rudimental and musical knowledge, with an eventual direction towards competing in the next few years. 

Prerequisite: students should have at least one year experience on drums and be in 7th grade to audition, no prior drumline experience needed.

Equipment Needed: Students interested should contact the office to set up an audition and get additional equipment information. 

Wednesdays  /  4 pm

Meets weekly for 50 minutes 

Josenee Chien, instructor

Drum Sticks

Students will discover the joy of creating music, learn rhythm skills, percussion vocabulary, and techniques. Class activities engage students as they explore different timbres and search for the next great sound. This class will be pre-recorded instructional videos that could be watched several times to ensure students understand various techniques that are being taught. Students will make weekly homework videos. Instructor will reply with a video with comments and tips. Potential live classes will be scheduled and dates will be given out ahead of time.

No Prerequisite: For students in grade 3+

Equipment Needed: Drum pad, drum sticks, portable black music stand, and instrument cleaning and maintenance items.

*Pad stand is helpful but not mandatory. Students should bring a pencil to class. Class music will be provided. 

Suggested drum pad: Evans HQ 12" RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad

Suggested drum sticks: Vic Firth Corpsmaster Signature Snare Drumstick by Ralph Hardimon

Pre-recorded instructional video

Mitchell Collard, instructor

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