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Washing Hands

Spring 2021 Health and Safety Guidelines

Better Together!

We are excited to offer classes for the Spring Semester. We believe that it is vital to help children interact safely but also the opportunity to connect with other people and have a sense of community. In order to do this, we all need to work together.  

Spring 2021 Class notes and procedures:

To promote the health and well-being of our student body and in keeping with health and safety recommendations and guidelines we are offering a limited selection of classes in the Spring Semester. We are offering limited classes in different platforms (in-person, hybrid, and virtual classes) to help keep contact and participation safe as we enter the normal flu season.  


Regarding in-person classes: We understand the there are many opinions in the community regarding the current COVID Pandemic. In order for our program to move forward we need everyone to adhere to what is required for in-person classes.  We are able to partner with our location and the teaching staff to offer these classes under certain guidelines. For the safety of our teaching staff and students, we will be following many of the standard protocols that families have become familiar with. If you are not comfortable with these guidelines, we understand. There is a strict NO REFUND policy this Spring Semester. Refunds will not be given to those who want to "try" a class, only want to do virtual and not in-person, or to students who contract COVID and cannot participate in classes. Charter funds cannot be applied to any in-person class. 

In-person Spring Class Guidelines:

1. Temperature for each student is taken by teacher and recorded for each class. If above 100.4 student will not be admitted to class. In addition, we ask that you show care and concern for the other students by refraining from coming to in-person classes if the student or anyone in the household is unwell. 

2. Students are asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the class. If allergic, student will wash hands in bathroom. 

3. No beverage or food consumption will happen during classes.

4. Face mask or face shields will be worn at all times. Failure to do so will result in asking the student to exit the class. 

5. In the event that a student reports a positive test of COVID, contact tracing will determine where exposure happened and a course of action for program. Student will quarantine for 14 days and can return after negative COVID test results. 

6. Parents will drop off students at the main entrance of the building with the teacher, attendance will be taken at the door. Teachers will line students up and walk to class. 

7. Parents will pick up students at the main entrance after the class has concluded. For this semester, and until the county is in the green tier, no playground use will be requested or parent waiting rooms. 

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