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Violin Orchestra

Concert Attire

Review the program dress code for rehearsal time with your student. Sent out in registration confirmation email. 

IEMA Concert Black Attire

Winter and Spring Concerts are considered semi-formal. For other performances that are more casual,

additional information will be given at the beginning of the semester.



Black dress pants, black shoes & socks, white collar button up shirt (long sleeve) and black slim-tie or black bow tie.

Don’ts: no vest or suit jackets, no colored shirts, no polo shirts, no clip on ties


All black dress, short, 3/4 length or long sleeve modest top, (knee length or longer) or black dress pants with white collard blouse, flesh colored tights, black closed-toe shoes. Hair half-up or in bun, natural make-up.

Don’ts: No sleeve cut outs at shoulder, no sleeveless tops, no pattern on dress, no boots, no heals higher than 1 inch.

Makeup: Should be worn natural with no dark eye shadow.


Safety: High heels can cause a safety issue when standing on the risers and walking up and down stairs.

Heels should not be higher than 1 in. No Wedges or boots. 

CBU Symphonic Band Participants


  • Black Tuxedo look - black suit, black dress shoes and black socks (no sneakers)  with white dress shirt and black bow tie.


  • Black slacks with black top or blouse with sleeves (no tank top or camisole, see-through shirts must be worn with an undershirt, no bandeau’s)

  • Black dress, mid-calf or floor-length black dress with short, 3/4 or long length sleeves (no sleeveless dresses)

  • Black, plain nylons

  • Black dress shoes (closed toe and heel, flat or low heel, no sandals) 

  • Minimal jewelry and hair accessories.

  • Natural Make-up

Young Musician Program Concert Attire

For Honor String Orchestra and Encore Honor Choir

(Black on Black Concert attire)


Black dress pants, black long-sleeve button up dress shirt, with black slim tie. Black dress shoes and black dress socks (no sneakers).



Black dress with sleeves or black skirt with black blouse with sleeves. Flesh or black panty-hose with black dress shoes flats or 1” heels (No high heels). Hair should be worn naturally, not too curly and out of face with minimal hair pins. Make-up should be natural looking. No red lipstick. 

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